„Perspectives in Winter“

Hey there, I’m glad that you tuned in 😊 This year I decided to invent photo challenges to contest myself in order to grow my photography skills. The clue is that everyone may participate. Find out more!

Key data of the challenge

  • Name: „Perspectives in Winter“
  • Topic: Winter
  • Date: 23rd – 25th of January in 2019
  • Number of captures: 3
  • Published on: Instagram
  • Winning criteria: Engagement on each Instagram post

The topic

For my first challenge I wanted to contribute on a winter topic. One of the reasons was that I live in north Germany and love snow. But last year we were very unfortunate with the weather conditions in winter. We had loads of sun but no snow at all in December. For me it was still quite interesting to see, how the sky and nature can look when winter is belated.

I took three captures in the bottom to top perspective always showing the sky and some nature in it. It reminds a little bit of macro captures tho. I’ve posted them on my Instagram feed. It was quite fascinating to see how much resonance and input I got on these captures.

The captures

The winner is…

„Red everywhere“. It got the most likes and many comments.


Process from camera to post

I’ve used my Sony A7 with the 28-70mm OSS 3.5-5.6 Lens for this shot. After a few tries I used low sensitivity at ISO50. It’s was a really shiny day, so I’d chose a short shutter speed at 1/60. My focus at about the middle image with an aperture of f/7.1. This way I could create the illusion of stacking the image.
Before I post up any image shot on that cam, I’ll import the raw file into Lightroom. The only thing on this images I did was popping out the reds and playing around with the shadows and highlights. After doing so I’ve exported it in the highest jpg-Quality Lightroom can do and adjusted the crop directly in Instagram to fit it to my needs. That’s really is basically. 😉


By evaluating the comments it can be said, that the red and blue colors produce a great contrast. Another important finding is that the focus points make an impression that the photo was stacked like an macro. To be honest: I didn’t do any stacking, I just got lucky.

Any thoughts?

First of all thanks for reading until the very end! For me blogging and this challenge-thingy are completely new. So excuse me that the length of my articles are not perfect yet. But I’ll do some progress in the future right? ✌️
I’d love to know what you think about the challenge and the captures I took. Which one would you pick as winner? Would you make a different edit? And also tell me about your challenges, if you ever participated in any!
Looking forward to reading your comments and wish you a nice day. ☀️