How to photo challenge?

After introducing photo challenges, I’m glad to see that you are interested to find out more about it. By reading this short how to, you’ll get to know how the challenges work and how you can participate in it.

Selection of a challenge

Before starting a challenge it’s needed to select one. I figured out following ways to this:

  • I choose one myself. 😬
  • I start a poll in my Instagram Stories and take the winner.
  • Feel free to submit a challenge either here or on Instagram. I’d really love to see your ideas! 😊
  • The winner of the last challenges can choose. 😎

Rules and conditions

I don’t want to take the flexibility of the challenge by defining a big and strict set of rules. The rules and winning conditions shall stay rudimentary.

  1. Everyone who would like to participate can do that before a challenge starts. Read the „How to participate“ section down below.
  2. A challenge lasts one week from start date. The dates will be published in the according blog posts.
  3. Every challenge consists of three captures at least.
  4. Each capture need to be published online:
    • It can be posted in here.
    • It can be posted in an Instagram story.
    • It can be posted in an Instagram feed.
    • Don’t forget to tag @nordischscapture and use the challenge’s current hashtag. This way I can see your submission. ✌️
  5. The winner will be selected the day after a challenge has ended.

How to participate

It’s pretty straight forward. You can participate on each challenge before it starts. I will announce them in my blog and on Instagram. Just contact me via E-Mail, in Instagram or Telegram (@nordischscapture). Drop in a few words about you, if we don’t know each other yet. Tell me if you want to participate via Instagram or just here. If it’s the first case make sure to put a link of your Insta-Account and you’re ready to go. I’m glad you’re in! ✌️

One last thing

Data protection and privacy are important for me. Therefore I don’t want to violate any rights or laws. I would like to inform to, that I may publish your posts on Instagram and maybe select some of them for the blog during the challenges. The winner will be published in here for sure. I will not alter any photos of you. When publishing I will credit you as the owner by adding the links to your profile or your the origin post itself. If you don’t want me to publish your captures in this blog, just tell me that when you sign in for the challenge. 😊