Hello blogging world

For me it’s my first post in my life in the blogging scene. Did you ever wonder how people start a blog? Yup? I wonder too. It’s hard to find a topic to blog about and to have the self esteem to share it with the whole world – at least potentially the whole world 😀.

From my perspective it’s clear: I want to blog about my experiences in photography and how to improve it. I hope of getting some feedback and get to know people who share the same hobby. Since photography is liked in many parts of our earth it can be a great driver to go out and explore and connect with each other.

So I’ll jump straight into cold water – don’t even know if this saying exists in english – and get me out from my comfort zone. Time has come to produce some content.

Don’t you agree that getting out from comfort zone can improve your personality? So far so good. I’d really love it, if you’d catch up my journey here and wish you an amazing day. ✌️

P.s. if you don’t know my Instagram-Account yet, you can check it out here. 📸❤️